Moore-Addison cuts and machines all non-metallic materials under suction: if the material produces a cool chip when cut, we machine it.

We make some critical parts for a wide range of customers in many industries. Therefore, all the materials in our facility can be certified to meet standards set by any American or even Canadian agency.

The following is a short list of the non-metallic material groups and grades we currently machine in quantity:

We are not at all limited to just these specific non-metallic/laminated/plastic materials.
  • Laminates ALL grades
  • Phenolics Grade C canvas
  • Grade L linen
  • Grade XXX paper
  • Glass G-10/FR4 glass epoxy
  • G-11 glass epoxy (high temperature)
  • G-5/G-9 glass melamine
  • G-7 glass silicone (high temperature)
  • Electrical sheet insulation
  • Fishpaper, Vulcanized fibre
  • Nomex
  • Mylar
  • Nylon 101 aka 6/6 extruded
  • 901 cast
  • Nylatron GS & GSM
  • Acetal aka Delrin by DuPont
  • Teflon virgin and glass filled
  • Glass Polyester ALL grades
  • GPO-3 red
  • Glastic: sheets, channels and angles complete product line
  • Extren product line
  • SG200 high temperature
  • Acrylic all grades, colors and manufacturers.
  • Polycarbonate aka Lexan by GE also Eastman and Shefield
  • Refractory materials
  • Transite II silicate based, high temperature cement board.
  • Marinite grades
  • Glastherm


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