What Moore addison Can Do For You

Like a lighthouse, Moore-Addison exists quietly as part of the landscape of the machining community, hardly noticed until needed. The company machines and fabricates non-metallics/laminates/plastics, and has been doing so in expert fashion since its inception in 1953. It is our desire to serve as many customers as come to us by offering high-quality parts delivered in a timely fashion for the best price possible

More specifically, the company has prospered under three generations of leadership performing basic two-axis lathe turning and general machining. Materials are purchased in volume from domestic distributors to control price and maintain certifiable quality in its manufacture. Machinists, foreman and machine operators (all long-term employees) work together to produce a solid, certifiable product. All of this is done in our own 15,000 square foot production facility.

Our Mission

To seek the opportunity to machine and fabricate non-metallics/laminates/plastics parts for your facilities. Due to machining techniques developed since our inception in 1953, Moore-Addison continues to strive diligently to be the high-quality manufacturer of attractively priced parts delivered in timely fashion. In this exclusive arena, we provide material and labor to fabricate usable parts from your drawings. We have the capability to modify existing parts as well as reverse-engineer parts from a sample.

Moore-Addison features phenolic materials and lathe-turned parts. We do basic two-axis machining, making high-tolerance parts for industry. In addition, we machine all the glass-based material.

Two Curtin-Hebert sheet grinders allow us to accurately maintain a thickness of + .0015, permitting an economy of scale unavailable to the piece part manufacturer. We look forward to hearing from you with a view to submitting a quote for your initial order. As you browse our Web site, you'll see photographs, equipment information, explanations of parts and other important information that will help you familiarize yourself with our operations.

We look forward to attending to your precision non-metallics/laminates/plastics machining needs at Moore-Addison.


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