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Precision Machining & General Fabrication Capabilities

Consider this: Our machining processes are really rather basic. We do flat work adding value to a sheet by cutting it to size and precisely drilling some holes. We also run a lot of lathe work doing fundamental two axis turning: OD, ID, thickness, grooves and counter-bores. Packing glands, wear rings, shoulder washers and gear blanks are perfect applications using our equipment. For the production quantities we work in (50–5000) and the simple elegance of the basic profiles we fabricate, costly CNC sophistication is not needed to make high-tolerance parts. Although Moore Addison has CNC machines (seven mills and three lathes), we use them to do what we already do, but do it more efficiently and keep costs down. We are renowned for the quality of work produced on our mostly manual machines by our motivated mature workforce. This straightforward machining style is a minimalist approach which reduces our fixed costs and your piece part price.

Since our inception, the field of machining non-metallic materials has been steadily expanding with the addition of new materials, machines that do more than one could imagine and, of course, computers. Moore Addison has stayed on top of this trend by offering machining for any variety of non-metals aka plastics further defined as any material that cuts with a cool chip and needs no coolant. The Moore Addison niche is machining all kinds of fundamental shapes in plastics. To do this, we have a mature, long term staff who form a community steeped in standards and practices of ISO:9001. Using a buddy system for checking setups and initial parts, they provide good parts to your drawings and specifications to levels of accuracy that one might not expect.

Whether our clients need custom, short run, or long run production-level of machining, Moore Addison offers a full complement of machine tools and ingenious fabrication processes to meet our customers’ exact needs. Our capabilities cover a complete array of production methods, including manual and CNC machining. We do everything to plastics except mold or form them. Those are industries with their own specialized processes. Some of the specific processes at Moore Addison include, but are not limited to: broaching, buffing, deburring, drilling, milling, grinding, punching, shearing, tapping, turning, and light assembly.

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