Moore-Addison machines NON-METALLIC materials. The universal commonality of anything we machine is that the material always produces a cool chip when tooling is applied to the sheet, rod or tube. We cut everything dry. The dust and chips are collected with an enormous suction system.

The niche Moore-Addison fills is that we make precision donuts out of nasty stuff.  A partial list of non-metallic materials groups and grades we currently machine in quantity is listed herein.  It is a partial list because if we listed all that produce a cool chip when cut, we would have many pages; you would get bored and go to another website.  We want you to stay with us; indeed, if you have the name of a material and get all kinds of limiting minimums when asking about it, give Moore-Addison a try.

The following is a short list of the non-metallic material groups and grades we currently machine in quantity

  • Laminates: ALL grades
  • Phenolics:
    • Grade C canvas
    • Grade L linen
    • Grade XXX paper
  • Glass:
    • G-10/FR4 glass epoxy
    • G-11 glass epoxy (high temperature)
    • G-5/G-9 glass melamine
    • G-7 glass silicone (high temperature) 
  • Electrical sheet insulation:
    • Fishpaper
    • Vulcanized fibre
    • Nomex
    • Mylar
  • Nylon:
    • 101 aka 6/6 extruded
    • 901 cast
    • Nylatron GS & GSM
  • Acetal aka Delrin by DuPont
  • Teflon    virgin and glass filled
  • Glass Polyester (ALL grades):
    • GPO-3 red
    • Glastic: sheets, channels and angles complete product line
    • Extren product line
    • SG200 high temperature
  • Acrylic all grades, colors and manufacturers.
  • Polycarbonate aka Lexan by GE also Eastman and Shefield
  • Refractory materials:
    • Transite II   silicate based, high temperature cement board.
    • Marinite grades
    • Glastherm


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